I Choose You!!!

Chaos is understatement, it is crazy what we are living through, who knew that our lives were going to be turn upside down ,Freedom as we once knew being tested with lock downs and restriction, we are no longer able to talk and breath freely as our face are mask with designer fabrics , For some of us As our love ones diminish right before our lives, from this disease which I refuse to call it by its name. One thing I know, I choose to Acknowledge you. Our Heavenly Father , You have sustained , provided, comfort, Strengthen and shown us  Mercy and Graced us with your Presence , I choose to Praise you Lord No Matter what Adversity comes my way , I choose to Praise you because you are worthy to be Praise, “Hallelujah I say to you,” and Thank you for Your Peace and Love, that only you can provide. Thank you for those Times that I Cried and you catch my tears and with every tear you collected, there was a prayer , a prayer that you already knew..Today and Everyday I Choose to Praise You, In the name of Jesus Amen.

May the Person who read this have blessing in abundance and May God always hover over you with his Presence From My Family to yours Amen.

Published by jcaffirm

My my name is Lucy Fuentes, I'am a Born again Christian, I'm a simple Woman born in the South Bronx While studying the word of God, The holy Sprit Within me said that there is something more than what I see around me, use the word of life which are my life sustaining words from my book of life the Bible. You my children are to live here prosperous so that you may bless others humbly. Start affirming words that will turn into Blessings and live the life that I have for you and proclaim those promises that I have in my store house. In Romans 15:13 ESV it says. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Let's Embark in this Journey together as you see my life turn around to my true Dreams affirming and believing Gods word into your own life as well.

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