Who Is The I am in my Life .

Do you believe in Biblical affirmations?  Maybe you should. Biblical affirmation can heal your self-esteem, they can help you with your spiritual and health well-being.

Biblical affirmation are God truth and promises, The Bible say that God create the universe with the spoken word, We must not only claim God’s Word, but also learn to speak and confess his word in faith, we should never confess lack of because the bible say that God provides all that we need and we must not confess defeat because our Heavenly father says we are more than Conquerors.

We are to speak and confess God’s life-giving words all the time, the bible say that God’s words is the living water of the soul and that you will never thirst again, In reality he was talking  about the holy spirit that dwells in all his believers.

So lets improve our lives with the power of Positive biblical Affirmation, Many christian are saved but live in poverty and not in victory.   Our Heavenly father wants us to live in the abundance of his blessing so that we may humbly bless others.

Lets begin to fill ourselves with positive, encouraging and inspirational words. Words that will transform you bless you and bring you victory and a positive encouraging attitude.

After all Who is the I am in Your Life?.   Mine is my Heavenly Father.


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